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Projects in Ethiopia and the United States in Seattle

Access for Success has projects in both the Oromia Region of Ethiopia and in the Seattle region of the U.S.

 Ethiopia - Oromia Projects


Schools - Access for Success's economic development programs in the Maliyou Burka region of Oromia in rural Ethiopia for several years have involved:

  • School building renovation and classroom expansion 
  • Construction of desk and chairs
  • Provision of books for the library and school supplies


There is now much hope for the future in the eyes of this young Ethiopian woman.

The Education of Women The education and inclusion of Ethiopian women in the public education process is part of a changing rural Ethiopia, and is key to economic development. 

Access for Success, working closely in strategic partnership with Cultural Reconnection, a Seattle-based organization of African-American women in education and in business has been instrumental in opening doors important for economic development through micro-lending and women-operated cooperatives.

Childcare Centers - Provision of childcare centers goes hand in hand with economic development of entire families. Access for Success and Cultural Reconnection are  initiatives therefore involve:

  • Development of childcare centers
  • Development of a childcare curriculum
  • Maintainance of staffing and operations
  • Provision of nutritional resources - Food, etc.

Healthcare Centers - Public health is critical for the region. Access for Success is also involved in helping to:

  • Build health care centers
  • Staff health care centers
  • Equip health care centers
  • Deliver basic health services

Oromia Water & Sanitation Project - Working in partnership with the government, Access for Success in Ethiopia is:

  • Making safe drinking water available
  • Developing new water resources for villagers - wells, springs
  • Providing water for toilets
  • Developing new water resources for irrigation
  • Development new strategies for the management of sewage

Agricultural Development

  • Improving farm productivity
  • Crop rotation for marketing
  • Diversification of crop (root crops, fruits, vegetable)
  • Improving productivity of cattle
  • Development of irrigation
  • Sustainable, ecological farming
  • Reforestation and natural resource management
  • Development of integrated agro-forestry policy and practices
  • Development of alternative, energy-saving practice related to agriculture and family life

 United States - Seattle Projects


Youth Projects - Access for Success's economic development programs in the U.S. focus on youth as the hope for the future. We are involved in the following programs and initiatives:

  • After-School programs
  • Team sports programs such as soccer and volleyball
  • Youth Mentoring programs


Soccer is an important cultural tradition and a great way to build community. Members of Access for Success have coached teams, raised money, helped sponsor trips to national soccer events, and been involved in many other ways.

Small Business Development Projects -
Access for Success is also involved in developing business in the following areas:

  • Start-up Business Services
  • Established Business Services
  • Business Counseling & Referral Services

Community Service Projects - Access for Success is also involved in the following community service projects:

  • Adult Education Program
  • Citizenship Classes and Immigration Paperwork
  • Cultural Orientation & Classes

A Personal Message from Mohammed Webo
a Community Volunteer from Oromia, Ethiopia.

Mohammed Webo.jpg

"It is a wonderful feeling when we work all together to build community both in my homeland of  Ethiopia(Oromia) and here in Seattle in the United States.

We are continually amazed when we see what can happen when good people get together to get things done."

Mohammed Webo

Dear Friends of Access for Success,

As you can see we are already involved in some important economic development initiatives both in Ethiopia and in the United States here in Seattle.

Access for Success will be a great organization as we develop it. We could use your help right now in the following areas:

  • Volunteering and volunteer coordination
  • Board development
  • Fundraising & Event Planning

Call me today at:
   (206) 380-2448  Mohammed Webo    or   (206)  251-6587  Wube worku



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