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Providing Economic Development for Ethiopians in Africa and in the U.S.


Welcome to Access for Success. We are a community-based service organization with roots both in the Oromia region of rural Ethiopia and in the U.S..  Currently, we are supporting two projects, one project in the Maliyou Burka region in Ethiopia, and the other project in Seattle, Washington. Both projects utilize economic development and education as a means for accomplishing that economic development.

The Women of the Village Engage in Micro-financed Economic Development   


An important component of the project is the micro-lending program that was launched through contributions and initiatives taken by our strategic partner and ally, Cultural Reconnection, a U.S.-based group of African-American women involved in a number of educational and economic development projects. 

The micro-lending progam, now in its second year, has been so successful that there are now plans to reinvest the gains and further expand and develop the program. CLICK HERE for more information on the program.

The Economic Future of the US and of Africa Are Destined to Become More and More Intertwined

If the immigration of significant numbers of Ethiopians and other African peoples to the United States and the economic and cultural impact of that is any indication, it is now clear that the economic future of the US and of Africa are destined to become more and more intertwined.

This is especially so as communications infrastructure comes on-line, and as communications technologies become more accessible, more affordable, and more global. Access for Success as an organization is potentially well-positioned to be a part of that new future, especially if we recruit the right people. We are particularly interested in recruiting students with family roots in Ethiopia, who are now studying economics or engaged in human services careers, to work with this. Also, if your teachers and professors are asking you to become involved in community-based projects as interns, please contact us. We could use your help developing our internship program.


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Our Logo!

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As our logo says, "education is the key" that provides access to success for people who haven't had the same opportunities we, in the United States, are used to. Our primary goal and initial objective is to provide books and school supplies, supported by the latest technology, to the children of the Oromia region of Ethiopia so they can compete successfully in the 21st century world economy.

Education is the Key to Acccess for Success 


For the two years, via our Maliyou Burka Project, we have been focusing on developing the schools and providing more educational access as one of the wisest and most strategic ways to develop rural Ethiopian communities.  We have raised and sent money to acquire materials and build school desks. We also raised money for school supplies and sent a lot of books so that more people can become educated.

There is a lot of work to be done within the Ethiopian Community in Seattle, Washington as well.


In Seattle, the work has involved working with and mentoring youth and focusing on entrepreneurialism, community service, leadership, and the development of Ethiopian-owned businesses.

There is a lot of work to do right here in Seattle addressing some of the economic and educational challenges and opportunities that face generations of African  refugees and immigrants. The project agenda for our U.S.-based programs needs your input and your help. Call us today about joining and doing important work right here in Seattle.

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